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Oakcrest Electrical, your local experts of commercial Solar installation. 

Renewable energy is vastly becoming the way of the future and its time Australian commercial enteritis do their bit to save the planet. 

By opting for a commercial Solar installation, you choose to grow your business in a caring manner by reducing your carbon footprint, whilst also ensuring your energy

bills are drastically cut down! A bonus to this, there are battery rebates from the Government of Queensland and interest-free loans to kick start your renewable energy journey. 

Not every Solar company can offer you the best solution, however, Oakcrest Electrical are highly skilled and trained to offer cutting-edge commercial Solar panel installations, servicing repairs and maintenance services. 

Reasons Oakcrest Electrical is your go-to commercial Solar installer:

• We are your local Solar experts and are well conversant with the local statutory compliances and rules
• We help your business touch the zenith of success whilst doing so sustainability and cost effectively 
• We follow the highest safety standards and best practices during any stage of installations, maintenance and repairs. 
• We offer end-to-end solutions and a full-scale service, leaving our clients satisfied   

When you hire us as your Solar installer, we guarantee optimizing your Solar solutions at the best rate! 

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