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Oakcrest Electrical is chosen by many for Solar power installations in Gladstone and surrounds. We offer superlative solutions and services for engaging each home and business with Solar power.

Oakcrest Electrical is committed to helping the people of Gladstone and surrounds adopt a greener future by enlightening them to the benefits of Solar power as is the way of the future – it reduces carbon emissions, and it saves your electricity expenses.

Depleting natural resources and rising carbon emissions are global issues that need to be
addressed at different levels. While world leaders contemplate and strategise on the way
forward, nothing stops us from doing our part. 

A conscious decision to go with a Solar system installation can go a long way in reducing our carbon footprint. When each home and commercial entity chooses clean and green energy, the future definitely can look brighter and better!

Come, let us partake in our role in sustaining the planet for posterity! 

Join in with us at Oakcrest Electrical for revolutionising the energy source that heats
your home and office – it is a choice that’s going to empower your life and our future generations for a long time to come! 

Why us? Our end-to-end services will brighten up your homes and workplaces: 

•    Years of hands-on experience as a premier Solar power installer in Gladstone and surrounds.
•    A team that comes on board to offer exceptional customised Solar solutions
•    Licensed by the Clean Energy Council
•    Your one-stop solution provider for Solar energy installation
•    Warranty for a guaranteed long life of the Solar panels in Gladstone and surrounds
•    Assured performance as we are there for maintenance, repairs and servicing
•    We are committed to following best practices to ensure safety and compliance with the local laws
•    The promise of transparent and ethical dealing 
•    Superlative quality of Solar energy installation at the fairest prices

We are consistently involved in making your Solar journey simple and easy and are involved in every step during the process of Solar system installation in your homes and commercial buildings.

Almost 30% of households in Queensland have benefited from Solar energy!!

What are you waiting for? Call or message us today to speak to your Solar expert. 

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